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30-Minute Quick Cleaning Checklist PLR Template

Help busy moms effortessly transform their home in just 30 minutes a day!


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Summer Vacation Countdown printable templates PLR product hero image

Help busy moms keep their kids excited and organized for summer with our

Summer Vacation Countdown
for Kids and Adults
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Featured PLR Templates

PLR PRODUCT Summer Sunshine Mom Planner cover

The Summer Sunshine Mom Planner

Transform your summer content creation with The Summer Sunshine Mom Planner PLR Template!

This 40-page planner is crafted for busy moms to stay organized, relaxed, and create lasting family memories during the summer. With customizable Canva templates, this planner provides everything needed to deliver engaging, high-quality content tailored to moms.

Enhance your content library and delight your audience with this ultimate summer planner!

Summer Bucket List Planner

Crafted to simplify summer planning for busy moms, this Canva template offers 15 pages brimming with inspiration and organization.

Equipped with 100 exciting bucket list ideas, families can customize their summer adventures. Blank pages allow for personalization, while weekly and daily planner pages ensure seamless organization.

Don’t let your audience miss out on stress-free summer planning – grab your PLR template today!

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30-Day Cleaning Challenge 4 Seasons PLR Canva template cover

30-Day Cleaning Challenge 4 Seasons

Revamp your living space throughout the year with our comprehensive 30-Day Cleaning Challenge 4 Seasons PLR Canva template. 

This customizable kit guides you through a month-long cleaning journey for each season, ensuring your home stays fresh, organized, and inviting. With beautifully designed Canva templates, you can effortlessly tailor the challenge to your brand and audience. 

Elevate your content and inspire your readers to embrace a cleaner, more vibrant living space every season!

Family Cleaning Checklists 4 Seasons

Unite your family in the pursuit of a cleaner, happier home with our ‘Family Cleaning Checklist 4 Seasons’ PLR Canva template. This comprehensive resource empowers every member with designated tasks tailored to each season. 

From spring blossoms to winter coziness, everyone plays a crucial role in maintaining a harmonious household. Customize and delegate chores effortlessly, fostering a sense of responsibility and teamwork. 

Embrace the joy of a spotless home, created together with love. Get your PLR Canva template now and make cleaning a family affair!

Family Cleaning Checklist 4 Seasons PLR Canva template cover

PLR Templates

30-Day Cleaning Challenge PLR Canva template

30-Day Cleaning Challenge

30-Day Winter Cleaning Challenge cover

30-Day Winter Cleaning Challenge

30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

30-Day Summer Cleaning Challenge Canva PLR template

30-Day Summer Cleaning Challenge

30-Day Autumn Cleaning Challenge

Family Cleaning Checklist

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Kim P.

Blogger, Made In A Day

“The seasonal cleaning challenges were perfectly made and just what I was looking for to add to my blog content. My readers love them and downloaded them instantly. I plan to use them as a lead to a larger home cleaning planner for sale in my shop.”


PLR Buyer

“It is a comprehensive product to address cleaning routines. I’m satisfied with this product.”


Business Beyond Chronic Life Coaching

“This bundle is absolutely amazing! The amount of information and products is beyond great. I can’t wait to start using everything. I can’t wait to start exploring more of your items. They all look so great!”


Trout Lake Creations

“I really liked the graphics which were outside of my wheelhouse. Anything with a challenge will be appetizing to customers.”

Hi, I'm Ida!

Interior Designer-Backup Singer-Blogger-Full-Time Mom turned Online Entrepreneur!

I gave up the corporate world to become pregnant. My journey to becoming Mommy was long and difficult… Til I finally became pregnant via IVF and gave birth at 42! 

My challenging experience is why I am passionate about everything parenting. That’s why I started My Mommy Journey so I can share my journey with you!

And now I am sharing my PLR Shop with all the helpful resources for moms, kids, and parenting. It is the place to shop for commercial use templates of planners, kids’ activities, seasonal and special occasion printables, and other digital products to help moms solve their daily challenges.


I hope my PLR templates are a big help to you! Enjoy!

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